Selling over the Christmas Period – Cue the Deer!

There’s no need to stress if you are trying to sell your home at the same time as putting up your Christmas Tree. There are some great advantages to selling over the Christmas/New Year period.

Yes… there are also challenges to selling at this time of year – distractions in the form of Christmas Parties and last minute Christmas Shopping AND the fact that a lot of people are just tired at the end of the year…

But… read on and see where selling over this hectic period can be advantageous!

Spring selling season wind down

Many of the successful sellers during the Spring Season are on the hunt for properties NOW.

This Spring was a competitive one which means many people missed out securing their dream home. These people NEED to buy before the end of theyear (motivated buyers).

Buyers are busy but also on holidays

Yes there are parties and shopping, however many Buyers are also on holidays which means that have a lot more time to follow up on properties they’ve been watching and to keep an eye out for new listings.

As buyers’ workloads reduce, their prospecting time increases!

Low level of competition

As we all know, standing out at the height of the Spring market can be difficult.

As there are traditionally fewer properties on the market over the Christmas/New Year period yours will have a better chance at standing out (plus remember from earlier there are motivated buyers around now with fewer properties from which to choose).

The market will likely expect an increase in listings again in January and February which means demand for your property may reduce.

The Magic of Christmas!

There’s no disputing the Magic of Christmas – people are happy, relaxed and cheery. This makes negotiations and the whole sales process easier.

There is also the whole ‘New Year’s Resolutions’ – people love to ‘close out’ the previous year and start afresh in the new – people become reflective and ready to take on new chapters in their lives – this may be in the form of a new home!

No Auctions

Many buyers find auctions overwhelming. Selling over the Christmas/New Year period will most likely be by way of private treaty which also equals relaxed buyers.

Cue the Deer!

Obviously interior staging and decorating can have a wonderful effect on a property over the Christmas Period. What person doesn’t enjoy seeing a Christmas Tree in a house? With a small amount of effort you can tastefully decorate your property to please even the most discerning buyer.

Don’t worry about pulling on heart strings – this is one of your many advantages to selling over the Christmas/New Year Period!

Good luck and Merry Christmas!